Summerschool in Poland

Already being back a few days…too bad it is already over… The weather was getting better when we almost had to go, but not before we took in some sunshine (a bit too much).

Szklarska Poreba, a great place to be up in the mountains or maybe it is between them? Anyways we mainly came there for Aikido!! And that is what we did, not missing a single training starting at 7:00 am till 8:30 am, a yummie breakfast at 9:00 am and an hour later jo practice for an other hour. After you are free till 4:00 pm when we having dinner.

There is alot to do up in Szklarska Poreba, from all the hiking trails or going up mountains and hike some more or going around town and do more walking up steep hills, but yeah if you love walking through nature then this is definitely a place to be. There is also a cafe called Fantasia where you can get all kinds of sweets, you will be bound to run into someone over there from Aikido eating a delicious dessert.
So dinner at 4:00pm, the main meal of the day. With everyday having something else to eat it was soo good, starting with some soup and after always some veggies, meat and carbs like potatoes or wheat based food.

The next and last training of the day was at 6:00pm till 7:30 pm. The mat at this time was always the busiest and the most sweaty. The dojo had all day the warm it self up for us. And the last meal lunch at 8:00 pm.

Afterwards it was relaxing time, well for most of us…some did some more preparing for the exams that was on saturday evening. First day, dancing, 2nd relaxing in the community room playing boardgames and last a sort of bbq with not much bbqing, but the weather was still nice in the late evening!

Early morning, late nights, Aikido, great company, good food, mountains, hiking, dancing, drinking (not for me) and more! The only thing we were missing was enough sleepzzz….

All in all, it was an amazing couple of days! Will be back next year! But first the next summerschool in Chester!

Arigatou minna san for the great time in Szklarska Poreba and hope to see you all in Polanica Zdroj in September for the seminar with Kobayashi sensei!

Written by FT